Sea World & the Gold Coast

In March we visited Sea World and the beach at the Gold Coast



Puffing Billy

Denise, Anna, Grandpa and I went to Puffing Billy on Monday. We had a picnic by the lake and caught the train back to Belgrave.

Anna had a ball, and when the train was going in a straight line kept asking where Thomas was (who dutifully appeared again on each corner).

Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy

Christmas 08

This photo was taken by James Whitehead before Christmas last year and gifted by his family to Anna for her 2nd birthday (it is sitting on the mantle).


Ice Cream

Taken by Grandpa on 27th Feb.


Cognitive surplus

This article about consumption, production and sharing is well worth a read. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time but may yet change the world.

Read it here.

More random photos

Some random photos from the past month or so.





LotR Quiz

Many of you would be interested in this Lord of the Rings quiz. It was written by one of my project team members.

For the record I got 100% for the easy quiz (20/20), 55% for the medium quiz (11/20), & 25% for hard quiz (5/20).

I can say that I am quite comfortable in not knowning the answers that I got wrong.


A couple of weeks ago, after the 13 week scan to confirm the new bubby is all good, we went out to celebrate at a Chinese resteraunt.

The following expressions ensued.





Amy’s Ride

Yesterday dad and I participated in a cycling event called Amy’s Ride which is named after Amy Gillett who was killed in Germany 2005 by a motorist. The primary objective is to foster a shared respect between cyclists and motorists on the road.

I have always found this ride challenging as it follows December, Christmas and New Years celebrations which invariably means little or no cycling for around 4 weeks.

Fortunately the weather was very kind yesterday and we both comfortably completed the ride. For those interested here are the ride statistics from Dad’s trip computer for the past three rides.

date distance avg spd max spd cycle time total time comments
2006 116.9 25.4 57.7 4h 36m n/a First event!
2007 121 23 64.3 5h 15m 5h 45m Hot, strong north wind
2009 116.8 26 57.1 4h 29m 4h 55m Great weather

This is a photo of me after the ride yesterday where I briefly shook hands with Cadel Evans and he signed my cycling jersey.


I guess I better get back to pounding out the k’s on the bike….

Last Supper

Last night we had a quiet dinner for the 3+1 of us (well as quiet as it can be with Anna!).

I cooked the full meal on my Christmas present and it turned out rather well. Roast Chicken with corn, potatoes, carrots, beans and mushrooms, with Bread and Butter pudding for dessert. Yum.



I took the second photo with the tripod and RF remote (if that was not already obvious). Anna really does enjoy corn on the cob!