Which is which??

Can you guess which one is William and which is Anna?

Changing faces of William


Class of 2007 – 2 years on

Anna with her friends from Antenatal class 2007 (Mitcham Private Hospital). Left to right – Amy, Asha, Anna and Tom



They certainly have grown in the last couple of years 2007 and 2008

Amazingly this year each of the familys have added a 2nd child to the mahem and all within the space of a couple of months! The last reunion was so busy that we didn’t get around to taking a photo of the Class of 2009 – will hopefully get one at the next reunion soon.

Some random but cute photos of the kids


The next chapter

Here is the most recent of the pictures of Paul and Adrian with the next lot of children – I think we might need to get a bigger couch for these photos if either family has another one 😉

Previous photos can be see at this post

William’s Baptism 13th Sept 2009

Just a couple of pics from the day.


Update posts

Yes we have been slack so I have spent this afternoon sorting through photos to do some updates on life with the McKenzies since William’s arrival almost 4 months ago (yes it is almost 4 months already!).

First lot is a set of photos of mum and William heading off in the lovely chauffeur car from the hospital on Day 3 to spend the next 2.5 days at the Novatel in Glen Waverley. The whole family had great fun here with Denise getting room service for all her meals, William having cosy quiet surrounds, Anna trying out the hotel’s pool and the room’s bath and Adrian getting a least 1 night off from single parenting Anna 😉


Agile Australia

Been in Sydney the past two days (including my birthday) at the Agile Australia conference

Quote of the conference goes to Rowan Bunning from Software WithSyle in his presentation “Agile mistakes and how to avoid them”

Agile is like teen sex. Everyone says they’re doing it but only 10% are, and the people who are doing it are probably doing it wrong.

For the full Twitter stream of quotes, comments and opinions click here!

This is Derek my colleague from NAB on a brief break in between speakers on Thursdat.


William’s first wedding


Air conditioning

Who would have thought that we would have issues with the air conditioning at work during winter? The average temperature on the floor has been about 26 degrees.

Cue additional air conditioning