Quiet weekend

We had a quiet weekend spent mostly watching the GP on TV. I did manage to go for my weekly 30km bike ride (slack I know) and briefly make it over to James and Rebecca’s for the GP lunch.

The race through up few surprises: compared with last year McLaren & BMW took a step forwards and Renault and Honda a step back. Everyone else was inconclusive (excluding Ferrari of course). You would expect most (dry) race wins to come from McLaren and Ferrari with all 4 drivers (Kimi, Alonso, Masa & Lewis) splinting the points between them. (I predict) the championship to come down to Kimi and Alonso and I reckon Kimi will take home the silverware.

My interest in the World Cup (cricket) is beginning to rise. Here is the link to group stage points table: a good guide to work out who is going through to the next round. Here also is a link (wikipedia) that explains the tournament structure.

Hope you have a great week.


Well in the end I decided not to go to the GP today (and thus this year). Instead here is another photo of Anna that Denise took this week.


F1 tragic

I went down to the track today to listen to the cars. Gee I love that sound! Because you can’t see anything from outside the track I went to the Emerald Hotel (one block from the track) and had quite beer whilst watching the practice on the TV. It worked well as you could hear the cars “live” and watch them as well.

You forget how much you miss the sounds and smell of F1 after just 1 year. I might have to go to the track tomorrow to get more of a fix.

Grand Prix time…

Once again a new Grand Prix season rolls around with the opening race in Melbourne. I must say, I am looking forward to the race and the season ahead. I think the current driver line ups should make for very interesting racing.

Given there are 6 rookies or inexperienced drivers (including some in top quality cars like Renault and McLaren) I expect there could be some interest in Turn 1 and Turn 3 of the first lap on Sunday.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Not sure how many of you know but I play a game called DreamBlade. Here is a photo that we took today during a game:


DreamBlade is great fun and mentally challenging to play. In some ways it is much like chess. If you want to learn, drop me a line and I am more than happy to show you. For more information online check out our website: dreambladeoz.com or the offical site here: wizards.

Anna and Eloise

Anna and Eloise chilling out with their dads.


Jennifer Rain Halpin

We went to visit Kathy, Kieran and Jennifer at their home today for the first time. Jennifer was born just 2 days after Anna!


Fixed user registration

Hi guys,

I just fixed the user registration process so it will now email your password to you. I deleted all the accounts that had failed the registration process. Please try again. Thanks Adrian

Anna and Emily

Anna with her new friend Emily (and Daniel and Colleen)

How is fatherhood treating you so far?

Here are some thoughts that I put down for Punch (David) when he asked the above question in the forum:

Dave,So far so good. Anna has been very good to us and made things relatively easy to date.

Being a dad and parent has been unbelievably fantastic so far – from the pregnancy, birth and first few weeks of life. (Obviously) It is so very different when it is your own child compared with your friends and family. I wasn’t really expecting this; probably because I never took the time to think about it.

I have however experienced so many emotions over the last 10 months and not all of them positive. Most of the negative ones relate to selfish things which I have perceived that I will have to give up. From where I sit now I would & have willing given them up for what I have been through.

My point is I never realised or thought I would experience all these emotions (being a boy and all) and it has been very hard work. Being a parent will probably be the highlight of my life but I am glad that we were ready and had planned it. I realise now, that if we weren’t prepared (emotionally) or at “the right stage of life” it would have been a disaster.

I guess we all live and learn. Do I wish I could do things over – never, can I wait for each new day – never!

Hope things are well in London and speak to you soon.