Old Friends, New Friends

It has been another fun filled weekend spent with friends.

Yesterday we visitied Josie, a new friend and the new baby in the Graham household.

Then an “old” friend of Adrian’s – Phill, came to visit and gave Anna a bath last night.

This morning was Amelia’s Baptism at Christ Church South Yarra. Check out the photo album here.

And finally we caught up with new friends made during the birth classes at Mitcham Private Hospital.

All in all a great weekend!

Easter 07

Well I have been a bit slow in providing an update for Easter. We have spent the last few days doing not much at all and generally recovering from the weekend. The list of Easter events includes:

  • Maundy Thursday service,
  • 2 Good Friday services,
  • Lunch with Grandparents on Good Friday,
  • Vigil Service rehearsal on Saturday morning
  • Kathy’s 30th Birthday on Holy Saturday
  • Easter Vigil Service (Saturday evening)
  • Easter Day lunch with the extended family
  • Easter Day afternoon tea with Great Gran
  • Monday lunch with Grandparents and Great Gran in Olinda
  • Watched Charlie and Chocolate Factory (new version) on Monday night

Ouch! No wonder we are exhausted. Here are some photos from Easter Day (13 in total).


April fools!

No jokes or pranks to be seen, but I have uploaded some photos of Palm Sunday and Eloise’s first birthday. Can’t wait to get back to work to recover!

Having said that, it is Holy Week, which means I will be going to 6 church services. Maybe we will have a break next week instead.

Busy Busy Busy

Anna and family have been very busy over the last few days. As you can see by the photos we have been over to Nana’s for a bath, had a Grand Uncle visit for the first time, and attend the baptism of Emily.

[photopress:IMG_35.jpg,thumb,centered] [photopress:IMG_39.jpg,thumb,centered] [photopress:IMG_37.jpg,thumb,centered]

Surely it must be time for a break? No!!

Today we are off to attend the Palm Sunday service and then we will be celebrating the 1st birthday of Eloise (Denise and Adrian’s god daughter).

When will it ever end? Hopefully never.

Queen in the studio again!

Well unless you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years, you would be aware that I am an avid Queen (the band) fan. The latest exciting news is that 2 of the remaining members of Queen (Brian (guitar) and Roger (drums)) are in the studio recording a new album with Paul Rogers (Free and Bad Company).

The Queen + Paul Rogers team have been around for the past few years touring with their extensive back catalogues. I do have a number of DVD’s from these concerts and they bond extremely well. As a hard core fan I think this is a great way for Queen to live on in the post Freddie Mercury era. The concerts really are a great balance between Paul and Queen with the deepest respect for Freddie’s contribution to the band during his 20 years with them.

Anyway here is the latest quote from Brian’s blog:


OK – I know I don’t write much about our music recording work in the studio. But, it’s deliberate really … I feel a reluctance to take advantage of this Soapbox platform to expose too much of what must essentially be a private process, needing room to breathe and develop organically. I’m happy to say that the process has worked, in a very fine way.

This (second) period of 3 weeks of QUEEN/RODGERS recording sessions is over now, so, for a while at least, I can get my life back a bit ! It’s actually tough, being so closely focussed on what has to be a very emotional workplace, and during these times, life outside virtually stops. But we have some good music on the boil … about 8 songs so far – with some great moments, I think ….very grown-up and organic in feel. It is ALL played … together as a band; no samples, drum machines, or protools fabrications. You can hear the interactions of us as musicians in a room – very rare these days ! We are very excited, but conscious that there is a little further to go before we are ready to launch the new material on the world.

The greatest thing for me has been to see us evolving into a proper band – like the old days. Every day we have played together in the studio, trying out ideas, and most of the tracks we are working on are the result of playing a song for the first or second time only … the freshness and spirit of adventure all being there. And we have not even been ‘careful’ ! By this I mean that mostly we have treated our playing together not as a baseline, but as the front line of what the performance will turn out to be. In the past we have often put down a pure backing track – say, Drums, bass and rhythm guitar, and added the ‘top lines’ – lead vocals and lead guitars – afterwards.

In what we are doing now, Paul sings it for real, on the take, as well as playing piano or guitar, or bass, and I play the lead guitar for real, and Roger is interacting in the moment too, so this very organic, live moment is what you will hear on the final mix. We are able to add some craftsmanship to this in the ways that we have learned over the years, especially as regards those trademark harmony vocals and guitar ‘orchestras’ – plus play with the blend of sounds … and gradually the new music is taking shape. To my ears it sounds as if it is full of our joint heritage, but different from anything either Paul or Queen have done in the past. This session produced some welcome heavy crunch, as well as some more contemplative textured moments … These things, it seems, cannot really be planned … they happen, if you are lucky, when you put the work and spirit in, when you keep an awareness of the balance between instinctive and analytic, and when the Muses smile on you.

A break, now – time for getting perspectives, regaining freshness, and having new thoughts.


Well as you could guess I can’t wait to get my hands on the new album…. but I guess I will have to. We are still holding out hope that they will tour again and that this time they will visit Australia. I continue to dream 😉

1 month old today

Today is Anna’s 1 month old birthday. We had a mini celebration this morning where Denise lit a candle and placed it in a muffin that she baked yesterday. Adrian ate the muffin after the celebrations!


Gill and Darren visited for lunch. You can see a photo of them and plenty more that I uploaded this morning in the photo gallery.

Famous babies

As some of you already know the Leader newspaper took some photos and wrote an article on Kathy & I giving birth two nights apart in the same hospital. To our dismay the first article appeared in the Whitehorse Leader with only a picture of Adrian, Anna and myself and none of Kathy and Jennifer. Having realised the error of their ways Leader have published the article again in the Maroondah Leader, this time with the group photo of all of us. There are couple of errors in the article, but on the whole it captures the moment.



Hi guys,
I would like to bring your attention to some blogs that our friends are periodically updating:


The first one is from Justin, Julie, Atticus and Josephine. Justin was originally a friend from first year Uni that we have kept in touch with over the years.

The second is from long time friends Paul, Saphron and Eloise.

I know that some of the deeandage.com readers would be interested in the comings and goings of these families!

25 hours in a day

This Sunday morning (25th March 07) Daylight saving time ends at 2am. Turn your clocks back one hour to 1am and enjoy that 25th hour that you always wish you had.

What are you going to do with the extra time? I think I may meditate.

The preggie belly

A few weeks before Anna was born I had a number of friends email and ask to see photos of me with the huge belly and I had promised to orgainse this. However, this was one of the things on the to do list for the last two weeks before the due date – thus it didn’t happen before birth as Anna was two weeks early. Like many things that may now never get done from that list.

So to satisfy people’s curiosity I have attached a few photos from different stages throughout the pregnancy so you can see my expanding girth. I don’t know what the final measurement of the belly was, but I did put on 22kg and only 3 weeks on from birth I have shed 17kg already. Just got to work on the last 5kg which seem to be well attached to my belly and thighs.

23weeksforweb-copy.jpg 29 Weeks 33wksforweb.jpg 10 days before birth

23 weeks                         29 weeks                          33 weeks                        10 days before birth