No Bull

Pictured here is the second largest stone carving in India. This is Shiva’s Bull – Nandi. This carving of Nandi is located two thirds up the hill in Mysore called Chamundi Hill (1062 meters above sea level).


Apparently the king looked out from the hill on the granite rock and saw a vision of Nandi and ordered it carved into the rock. There is a similar carving of Nandi in Bangalore which is the 4th largest stone carving in India.

Originally the Bull was a normal granite colour, but overtime as the Hindu ritual dictates the people have poured oil over the bull which has turned it to a black colour.

I took this photo last Saturday (9th June 07) at sunset, and compared with the rest of Mysore this hill was so quite and tranquil. Most of Bangalore and Mysore is so intense and noisy with horns blaring and people everywhere that it was something of a contrast. This evening (Tuesday 12th) I took an hour to chat with one my team members who works at Infosys in Bangalore and she said that when in Melbourne last year for 6 months that she used to call home and tell her mum that it was so quite in Australia and that it was really unsettling!

It is amazing how humans adapt to their environment and what seems unbearable to me is what brings comfort to others. And what is unsettling to another is my comfort.

It reminds me to not jump to conclusions about people, but take a set back and put your self in another’s shoes.

It is especially important for me as a project manger directing and influencing other peoples working life half a world away. Making the “correct” decision will make for a happy employee and a project delivered as expected. Make the wrong call and it all goes to… not a very happy place!

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    • threep on June 14, 2007 at 10:00 am

    So the *largest* stone carving in India is…?

    Actually, according to Wikipedia, this is actually the third largest Nandi in India.

    (Gee that was unecessarily pedantic, wasn’t it!)

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