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Agile Australia

Been in Sydney the past two days (including my birthday) at the Agile Australia conference

Quote of the conference goes to Rowan Bunning from Software WithSyle in his presentation “Agile mistakes and how to avoid them”

Agile is like teen sex. Everyone says they’re doing it but only 10% are, and the people who are doing it are probably doing it wrong.

For the full Twitter stream of quotes, comments and opinions click here!

This is Derek my colleague from NAB on a brief break in between speakers on Thursdat.


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    • derek on October 18, 2009 at 9:36 am

    I think we both look reasonably attentive in that photo, given the 4:30am start to the day!

    I liked this message from Dave Thomas: Agile does not give you orders of magnitude increases in productivity (and telling the customer that can be dangerous); it gives you quality and predictability.

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