The preggie belly

A few weeks before Anna was born I had a number of friends email and ask to see photos of me with the huge belly and I had promised to orgainse this. However, this was one of the things on the to do list for the last two weeks before the due date – thus it didn’t happen before birth as Anna was two weeks early. Like many things that may now never get done from that list.

So to satisfy people’s curiosity I have attached a few photos from different stages throughout the pregnancy so you can see my expanding girth. I don’t know what the final measurement of the belly was, but I did put on 22kg and only 3 weeks on from birth I have shed 17kg already. Just got to work on the last 5kg which seem to be well attached to my belly and thighs.

23weeksforweb-copy.jpg 29 Weeks 33wksforweb.jpg 10 days before birth

23 weeks                         29 weeks                          33 weeks                        10 days before birth

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