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Christmas 08

This photo was taken by James Whitehead before Christmas last year and gifted by his family to Anna for her 2nd birthday (it is sitting on the mantle). [photopress:Christmas08_JWhitehead.jpg,full,centered]


Congrats to all the Movember participants for their mo growning and fundraising Especially to the 5 people we sponsored David Justin Richard Daniel Brad Looking forward to seeing some photos of the finished product!

Eltham Festival

Last weekend we joined our friends at their home in Greensborough which overlooks the fireworks of the Eltham festival. I didn’t have our camera with us, but I borrowed a point and shoot (Olympus) from the father in law and set it to “Fireworks” mode. I think I need to go back a read the …

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For someone who came very late to coffee, I have been savouring one each day for the past few months at Brother Baba Budan. This is a great little cafe in the Melbourne CBD on Little Bourke St. The ambiance is as fine as the coffee and I think my drinking buddy John has every …

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Joshua Annat

Welcome to the world Joshua Annat. Congratulations to Andre and Amelia. [photopress:Joshua_1.jpg,full,centered] To transform from this to the photo below in 2 shorts months is remarkable. [photopress:Joshua_2.jpg,full,centered] [photopress:Joshua_3.jpg,full,centered] Well done!

August Update

On the weekend we visited our friends in Pyalong, which in turn ended up being a rather relaxing day. [photopress:Pyalong.jpg,full,centered] Yesterday I reprised my ride of the 1 in 20 (see previous blog post). Not much has changed, despite riding each night in front of the TV during the Tour de France and continuing 3 …

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Photos from the archive

Check out these photos of Paul and Saphron when they had their last baby – Eloise. Not a lot has changed except for the sex of the baby and Denise’s hair colour 😉 For anyone who is interested, I have recovered the original website and you can checkout the entire archive here.

Hunter Arthur Jefferies

This evening we went to Mitcham hospital to visit Paul, Saphron, Eloise and newly born Hunter Arthur [photopress:Hunter_3.jpg,full,centered] [photopress:Hunter_4.jpg,full,centered] [photopress:Hunter_1_1_2_3_4.jpg,full,centered] [photopress:Hunter_2.jpg,full,centered] The delivery went smoothly and the whole family is healthy and enjoying their new member. We wish them all the best and are looking forward to being a part of Hunter’s life. Congraulations!!!! A …

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General update

Anna is home sick from child care today with Conjunctivitis, so I am home as well to look after her. She is currently asleep which is why I can create this post. There is plenty of stuff on the go that you should know about: Last night I went with Justin to see the new …

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Last night, spontaneously we organised to catch-up with the Bonner-Jefferies clan for dinner. I am guessing that it will be last time we have such an event for some time. Sad 🙁 Saphron is due within 4 weeks. Happy 🙂