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Agile Australia

Been in Sydney the past two days (including my birthday) at the Agile Australia conference Quote of the conference goes to Rowan Bunning from Software WithSyle in his presentation “Agile mistakes and how to avoid them” Agile is like teen sex. Everyone says they’re doing it but only 10% are, and the people who are …

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William’s first wedding

Air conditioning

Who would have thought that we would have issues with the air conditioning at work during winter? The average temperature on the floor has been about 26 degrees. Cue additional air conditioning

Sea World & the Gold Coast

In March we visited Sea World and the beach at the Gold Coast

Puffing Billy

Denise, Anna, Grandpa and I went to Puffing Billy on Monday. We had a picnic by the lake and caught the train back to Belgrave. Anna had a ball, and when the train was going in a straight line kept asking where Thomas was (who dutifully appeared again on each corner).

Christmas 08

This photo was taken by James Whitehead before Christmas last year and gifted by his family to Anna for her 2nd birthday (it is sitting on the mantle). [photopress:Christmas08_JWhitehead.jpg,full,centered]

Ice Cream

Taken by Grandpa on 27th Feb. [photopress:IceCream.jpg,full,centered]

Cognitive surplus

This article about consumption, production and sharing is well worth a read. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time but may yet change the world. Read it here.

More random photos

Some random photos from the past month or so.

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